Olive Oils

Vinaigrette is a retailer of specialty, imported olive oils and vinegars, as well as olive based skin and hair care products. We have brought the finest, freshest and most unique olive oils and vinegars from around the world to the Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota market. We have a commitment to the consumer to provide an exceptional product with exceptional service.


Californian ~

This light bodied aromatic oil is full on the palate and has a complex yet elegant flavor. Bright olive fruit and floral undertones makes it stand out. Great on vegetables, meats and cheeses. Less than .2% acidity

Egyptian ~

Egypt’s year-round sunny, dry and warm weather allows the olives to mature slowly on the trees, which makes our Egyptian extra virgin olive oil fruitier and more full-bodied than other olive oils. The olive trees are watered from deep, pure water aquifers with the sun enriching the fruits’ nutritional value. Olives are then picked manually and processed a few hours after harvesting thus allowing each olive to mature naturally on its tree. This process guarantees that only the finest, fresh-quality olives are used. The cultivar (type of olive tree/fruit) is an heirloom variety dating back almost 2000 years. Less than .2% acidity

Greek ~

This extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the Koroneiki varietal olive trees from the states of Korinthia and Lakonia located on the Mani peninsula in Greece. The estate on which this wonderful olive oil is produced has been owned by the same family since 1860. This fragrant and complex oil has an underlying sweetness with a buttery smooth feel and a sharp peppery finish. Less than .2% acidity

100% Italian ~

A cold-pressed, clean tasting, extra virgin olive oil. It’s rich character enlivens the flavor of every dish needing just a drizzle to make your dish stand out. This top quality olive oil is obtained from carefully selected olives to impart a unique aroma and a soft mild taste. Less than .2% acidity

Organic ~

This oil was born from an exacting selection of oil obtained from olives produced with biological agricultural methods. Consequently it results in a healthy natural product with intense color and a medium fruit taste that also harmonic and soft, with a slight aftertaste of almond. This oil is best used “in the raw” as a salad dressing or dipping bread and not cooked. This is to keep intact it’s natural antioxidant properties, including vitamin E, which combats cellular aging, helping to maintain healthy blood vessels. Less than .2% acidity

Spanish ~

This wonderful golden yellow oil has a refined combination of grass and olive notes on the palette, with a finish surprisingly bright. A medium light bodied olive oil that goes excellent in all manner of dishes. This oil is the perfect complement to any goat or sheep’s milk cheese. Less than .2% acidity

Syrian ~

5000 years ago the Akkadians in the kingdom of Ebla were the first people to produce olive oil. They called their precious olive oil “Zirtoon” This Syrian olive oil is still produced in very much the same way as it was almost 5000 years ago. Hand picked, often stone pressed this olive oil aromatically mild, is almost sweet in flavor, mild tasting. Perfect for everyday use.

Tunisian ~

This Tunisian olive oil is considered the finest olive oil of the Sfax region. Golden in color, with a maximum acidity of 1%, this oil has a smooth, neutral taste. It gives a pleasant aroma to salads, roasted vegetables, cheeses and creates the perfect dip for bread.

Unfiltered ~

We have created an extra virgin olive oil which is typical of great olive oils bottled fresh at the mill. Tasting of fresh olives, it’s rustic and pulpy profile creates a unrivaled fresh and fruity taste. Use for any recipe that calls for olive oil, great for dipping and everyday cooking. Less than .2% acidity


*Fused Oils are crushed with the “flavor” along with olive at the time of pressing to impart a strong natural flavor and is considered much higher quality. Infused oils have oils or flavors added to the oil after pressing.

Basil ~

Enjoy the fresh, green, herb taste of this wonderful basil extra virgin olive oil. The aroma itself is magnificent. Use with tomato sauces or try on salads or cheeses. Less than .2% acidity

Chili ~

Pleasantly hot. Delicious roasted chile pepper flavor is combined with extra virgin olive oil. Perfect for those dishes you want to “kick up a notch!” Great marinade, add to pastas, eggs, seafood. Less than .2% acidity

Garlic ~

Bold garlic aroma and taste. Very smooth with no bitterness. Excellent on steaks, pizza, potatoes or just for dipping bread. Chicken and Pasta go well with this too. Less than .2% acidity

Lemon ~

Whole lemons are crushed with the olives during the pressing to make this exquisite oil. Drizzle on fish fillets before you bake or broil. Excellent on salads, in marinades, and vegetables. Shrimp and chicken will have a fresh summer flavor. Less than .2% acidity

Orange ~

Oranges are crushed with olives during the pressing to make this wonderful oil. Perfect for salads, in vinaigrettes or Asian cooking. Try this with salmon and scallops.
Less than .2% acidity

Porcini Mushroom ~

Deep earthy flavor with a savory mushroom aroma. Made in Italy by a small producer and is not made with any extracts. This oil is delicious on mashed potatoes, pasta, omelets or sautéed vegetables.
Less than .4% acidity

Rosemary ~

This oil has a fresh, vibrant rosemary flavor. Brush on grilled items such as lamb, chicken, pork. Try in pasta with blue cheese. Also great for roasting potatoes and vegetables. Serve with bread or even drizzled on popcorn. Less than .2% acidity

White Truffle ~

Italy’s finest white truffle oil is infused with extra virgin olive oil to produce an extremely strong, aromatic oil. Great for sautéing vegetables or finishing dishes. Try on white pizza, gnocchi with parmesan or roasted potatoes. Less than .2% acidity